Programmable DroneMost of the keyboards we’re familiar with are essentially rather complex pieces of hardware, commonly invlolving springs and wiring for dozens of keys, but scientists at the University of Auckland in New Zealand have created a streamlined, programmable keyboard making use of a soft, versatile and stretchable kind of rubber identified as a dielectric elastomer.

What you’re hunting for is a flight controller with open source firmware. You have a number of options for this, but Arducopter and MultiWii are the most widespread. I prefer arducopters, but it really is more of a ‘PC versus Mac’ debate: there are upsides and downsides to both, and in the end, both do a quite very good job. They’re essentially Arduino sketches loaded on an ATMEGA, so customizing it is fairly simple.

In the air, the Solo is a top rated-notch flyer on a par with the DJI Phantom 3, even though the Phantom 3’s active braking provides that model a slight edge. The Solo is slated for a 25-minute flight time, even though that gets whittled down to 20 minutes below payload (GoPro, circumstances, pilot ability): We located the number to hover closer to 16 or 17 minutes with the GoPro firing away up in the air. Portion of the battery drain is due to the reality that the Solo powers the GoPro while it’s up in the air.

As qualified photographer Corey Wealthy told us, They are game-altering devices. They get our cameras in wild, unexpected positions, positions that are otherwise totally unachievable.” Indeed, a camera-equipped drone is the best zoom lens ever invented. And at drones’ current rates, any person who cares about photography sufficient to buy a decent camera really should take into account a drone.

Again the only thing that is different here is elevation and your point of view. This is what the light bending event we call a rainbow actually appears like. If we had been larger up (and nevertheless at a viewable angle) we would see the rainbow as a full circle hunting just like lens flare (they both function on the very same principle of optics called refraction).