Top 10 Geeky Man Toys I Want For Christmas

3D RoboticsUpon 1st inspection, the 3D Robotics RTF Y6 is a somewhat menacing beast by design… looking far more like a robotic wasp than an aerial photographic drone. With a total of six motors and props (three over 3 inverted props) to offer lift, acceleration and stability in the air, the 3DR Y6 can easily carry your GoPro and gimbal and substantial battery packs for longer flights and higher speeds than a smaller quadcopter can manage.

I can say with complete self-confidence, that this drone will be in a position to be a very solid competitor to the Phantom 2 series, but that may possibly transform when the Phantom 3 comes out. In the recent demonstration test the velocimeter was carried aloft at Dryden Flight Analysis Center of NASA by means of helicopter which flew a total of six flights at different altitudes among targeted reference points.

Whereas DIY is all about doing home improvement projects and home repairs oneself rather of hiring a trades particular person, Maker Culture is all about generating or improving your own customer items. Take the gimbal, a camera-stabilizing device that normally has 3 degrees of freedom. Type in the keyword gimbal” on the message board and you will bring up thousands of comments, many which includes videos Fiddling with these gizmos is a neighborhood effort, although frequently mediated by 3D Robotics’ staffers.

Microcontrollers: Microcontrollers act as the brain of robotic projects. These devices perform related to the central processing unit of the personal computer. They are capable of collecting information, processing it and deciding the actions of the robot. Boy am I behind in motion pictures… I do not consider I know of any of the current children’s movies. Superior preserve reading these lenses.

Did you know about Canon’s fabulous on-line resource however? Properly if you did not then you happen to be about to be pleasantly surprised! For years they’ve been building up a brilliant site filled with hundreds of amazing printable activities!! ArduCopter frames and other components are produced by jDrones Asia and 3D Robotics. Study a lot more about acquiring one particular on the Get it! page. I just released a new iPad adventure game referred to as Tipping Point which is comparable in a lot of techniques to Myst.