The Uses of GPS Global Positioning System or the GPS has been very helpful to people in the modern times. In case you don’t know, the satellite network was made in the 1970s by the US as part of the defense program. It was during the time of President Clinton that the GPS was opened for civilian use. Around 24 satellites are actually in operation and the three extras as standby ones. This means that there are 27 satellites available. They allow you to track objects and vehicles as well as others by providing you information regarding their exact position including the altitude, the longitude and the latitude. The GPS is getting more popular as this technological development has also been used in personal gadgets. The global positioning system is actually used in various applications. The GPS finds the application in tracking and navigation and such systems are being used by the civilian and the military. The military would make use of the GPS that include locating the targets on the ground or in the air and in coordinating the military movement too. GPS devices make it a lot easier for soldiers to locate the enemy in unfamiliar territories. The civilian would use the GPS to track vehicles, pets or people Also, the GPS would make maps as well as conduct surveys to determine accurate locations. This can also be utilized to provide a near-accurate measurement of the distance that needs to be covered including the time that it may take to travel to a particular place. Hence, it comes quite handy when you would travel to a new place and also in recreational activities such as hiking and others.
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The GPS devices are also attached to or are located in the object that should be tracked. Through their communication with the GPS satellites, they can know the location of the object that is tracked. The GPS receivers are also going to time the signals which are sent with the use of the GPS satellites. The delivery time of messages is being used to find out the location of the satellite and such is also used for locating the object that should be tracked.
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With the real time GPS tracking system, then you can have a detailed and current information about the vehicle or the object that is tracked through employing wireless networks. Such is known as real time since you can get information at the time that this happens compared to the passive systems in which you are not able to check the information real time. Such system works on a similar wireless principle as your cellphone. However, GPS satellites work separately from the communication satellites. The GPS locator device, which is usually really small and can be installed quite easily, is put in the vehicle and also through this the vehicle may be monitored and also controlled.