Military RobotsThe organic weapon for an advanced combatant to use against a much less technologically advanced enemy-particularly in a guerilla war-is robots Muslim guerilla fighters hide behind noncombatants, and try to draw in as many enemy as feasible for either an ambush or a suicide attack. By sending in robots equipped with telepresence, the enemy aim is foiled, and it becomes less complicated to separate the guerilla fighters from civilian noncombatants.

I have to agree with you, HVW, that we are far as well addicted to technology. Texting, chat, on the internet virtual experiences it is seriously going nuts. Add to this video games and we recognize just how significantly time is spent with devices rather than face to face exchanges. I, personally, although not a Luddite, feel as though I’d like to pull back a bit reintroduce myself to the real planet. Simply because, here we are, communicating on the net.. which is a blessing and convenience…it really is a double edged sword a ‘catch 22.’ Yes, the Stepford Wives is an outstanding example. Thank you for a very good hub.

In Japan and┬áSouth Korea, suggestions of future robots have been primarily good, and the start of the pro-robotic society there is thought to be possibly due to the renowned ‘Astro Boy’. Asian societies such as Japan, South Korea, and much more recently, China, think robots to be more equal to humans, obtaining them care for old people, play with or teach kids, or replace pets etc.37┬áThe basic view in Asian cultures is that the additional robots advance, the better.

Thanks for your input LHwritings. If I have not already, I’ll verify out your hub- but I am sadly conscious that any American in the US can now legally be whisked away and held indefinitely and without having contact merely for being declared a terrorist suspect and the truth that Obama has mentioned his administration wouldn’t use this energy has not 1 iota of which means.

My algorithm for this year (altering-angles) is a lot diverse than my algorithm from final year (X-Y sweep). X-Y sweep depended on the robot generally making the turns specifically appropriate and being completely precise. I realized that attempting that, for my purposes and with the robot and application I am making use of, would be too hard to perfect. So altering-angles is each simpler and much less dependent upon best turns and precise angles.