Electric AutomationI am Newton Kumar Das. I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and at presnt operating in ABU DHABI.

It does not matter, there is this transformation of an industrial society into a fully functional Technological society of the Jacques Ellul mode, the Twitter has introduced anew and special way of handling, processing and distributing memes, zines and facts circulation On Board the Twitter is the world community in haste to inform, connect comply with, find follower, send youtube streams, News agency with their streams bringing news and other folks peddling their wares inside the context or space of 141 letters, broaden and make the Twitter user-friendly to their adherents.

If one particular were to appear at the kind of news dissemination, circulation and distribution on the tweeter has grown in leaps and bound, with a lot of millions participating and consuming news and data in as instantaneous manner have grow to be the signifies through which the globe has morphed and is now making use of info data in a really diverse way than it was getting consumed with the traditional media discussed above.

The brave new info society can simply create into an elitist technocracy, and it is only a quick distance kind there to the forming of a new sort of aristocracy a rough and undemocratic globe in which the privileged class are these who have been blessed with their interest and ability to study the most recent tools of information and communications technologies.

Another Altoids tin project….for some explanation there is so substantially you can do with Altoids tin, somebody once told me you can even store mints in them, though I am yet to be convinced of this. This is a pretty cool project to enable multiple audio inputs to a a thing like a auto stereo. It is not essentially a especially complicated project as far as electronics go, so don’t be place off, there is not an awful lot to it, but it is potentially a fairly valuable and nifty device.