War RobotsA broad new set of robots are also being introduced for war at sea, where the primary differentiation is whether they are developed to operate on the surface, like a boat, or under water, like a submarine.

The War on Social Concepts in the Digital War, currently, against human cognition and independence, is what I am speaking about above. The more we are enamored and captivated by these gadgets and their fascinating World wide web access and enabling technologies, the a lot more we are set up and are living and behaving as a persons who are the incredibly machines we had made to improve our efficiency and far better ourselves. So that, technologies, the word itself, to or minds, implies human advancement and the coming in and use of new ideas.

People enjoy the thought of machines going to war because of the uncomplicated fact that if a machine goes, they will not have to. Even though this could be correct for some ground infantry units, there will always be a limit to how far a particular person would be from the battlefield. Second, a single of the limiting factors in a war is the loss of life. When an army is taking also numerous casualties, it is likely that they will surrender and therefore finish the war. A battle in between robot armies could take years based on the capabilities of the robots. The quantity of destruction they could result in can render an location uninhabitable for extended periods of time.

Right after the mysterious alien creatures known as Gauna destroyed the solar program, humanity escaped into space by using vessels made to last-extended and sustain life in space. One of the so-named space vessels is Sidonia, and a thousand years later, it’s nonetheless struggling against the Gauna which seems so intent in crushing it. If not for the protection of the robots named Gardes, Sidonia would have been doomed to fall. Now, a young man named Nagate Tanikaze dons the legendary mecha-unit, Tsugomori, to continue the fight with the Gauna and try to finish it once and for all.

Don, have you seen info on the net and youtube on project bluebeam. This is how 9-11 was performed, which means there have been no real planes which crashed into the towers, it was explosives in the towers and holographic planes. This is a space projection show from satellites. This is how they do the blood rain and how they will do the rapture, the plagues, nibiru (possibly) this combined with ‘natural’ disasters from HAARP.