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War RobotsPittsburgh — Could armed autonomous robots embark on a campaign of indiscriminate killing? Fears such as this are behind the expanding consternation surrounding the use of robotics in warfare.

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Douglas Rushkoff: I consider there can be a good sort of futurism even in a presentist society. But I believe it’s a sort of futurism that envisions augmenting human ability and intellect rather than creating some artificial machine intelligence that displaces us. It’s time we begin to envision futures for ourselves, rather than the self-loathing futures in which humans are obsolesced.

The war of tips remains a loosely defined phenomenon and more substantial examination of the strategies it is (or is not) becoming won by conservatives demands additional study. But the preliminary evidence suggests that conservative think tanks have made promoting conservative suggestions a priority with the full know-how and help of conservative foundations. This is what the conservative funders want them to do, and it is what makes conservative believe tanks not only nicely funded but also influential.

And whilst Brookings devotes most of its price range to investigation, Heritage puts a substantial portion into media and government relations. In 2004, Brookings spent three percent of its $39 million budget on communications in 2002, the most recent year for which details is accessible, Heritage spent 20 percent of its $33 million price range on public and government affairs.