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The American media system is spinning out of manage in a hyper-commercialized frenzy. Fewer than ten transnational media conglomerates dominate a lot of our media fewer than two dozen account for the overwhelming majority of our newspapers, magazines, films, tv, radio, and books. With each and every aspect of our media culture now fair game for industrial exploitation, we can look forward to the full-scale commercialization of sports, arts, and education, the disappearance of notions of public service from public discourse, and the degeneration of journalism, political coverage, and children’s programming below commercial stress.

With no naming names, the Act takes direct aim at some of Clear Channel’s enterprise practices, such as the warehousing of stations for future obtain, negative synergyā€¯ with concert promotions, and pay-to-play schemes amongst station owners and record corporations. Customer groups, minority-owned radio organizations, labor unions, and independent artists have all thrown their assistance behind the Feingold bill.

Basically, in meiosis, a diploid cell copies all it is chromosomes, mixes them up some in the crossing over stage, then turns them into 4 haploid cells. Each haploid cell will have half the chromosomes of a standard diploid cell. Though four usable sperm are created during spermatogenesis, only 1 usable egg is made during oogenesis.

Knight Rider plays with this trope. The main character KITT, a sentient AI in a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am , is governed by one thing closely resembling Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. An earlier prototype, KARR, was a military project and possess analogues of only the latter two laws, with no regard offered for human life. KARR becomes a recurring villain later in the series mainly because of this difference.