Pick And Place MachineIonut won the Gordon E. Moore Award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2013, in Phoenix, USA.

Hi Greg. I am acquiring a model 88 in near excellent situation and think I can transport it upright in my SUV. In the event it does not have clearance, I’ve read about the need to drain the oil as it will leak everywhere. I never have a manual (yet), but hope you could be in a position to advise as to where/how the draining of the oil can be accomplished on the machine. Equivalent to draining the oil in a car or truck, is there a bolt underneath that you just unscrew and drain? Thanks!

The fortunate fact is: there is generally a lot of gently used gear available. Quite a few occasions, a large machine is bought only to gather dust until a person lastly decides it’s time to get the large hunk of metal out of the house when and for all. Simply because this happens a lot, it really is fairly straightforward to locate a fantastic deal on this type of buy (if you are prepared to be patient and do a little digging).

Be extremely cautious putting the lid on the bucket if the snake is venomous. A rattlesnake can strike from the bucket if he is very large. By loosening the loop on the snake catcher you can release the snake gently with little possibility of harm to you or the snake. Be positive the lid on the bucket or other container is safe as you don’t want these guys slithering around in your auto.

Produce with Claudia right here. I have resurrected by Elna 945 which has all types of security capabilities (wont start off if pressure foot is not down, straightforward access for needle altering also to name a couple of. BUT it does not cut the fabric! I have changed teh top cutter and now want to alter the bottom cutter but no where in the manual does it clarify how to do that. I am hunting for a service manual for my machine. I wil copy and save Laura’s directions on correcting timing and changeing/tightening loopers. Thank you for this web site and for her blog.