Pick And Place MachineJuki introduced the initially Pick and Place machine to the market place and started manufacturing the equipment.

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Given that I currently did create some code some years ago for a pick and spot issue I had something to start from. Writing a gerber-file importer took me two days (I did it from scratch employing the gerber file format specification from Ucamco). Martin adapted the old code and added the help for our motor drivers, our cameras as nicely as reading the pick and place csv files. So we had our total software program option to load gerber and choose and location data and manage our motors. Sweet!

FireREST – FireREST is an open-source REST protocol for automated manufacturing. With FireREST, you can connect intelligent camera nodes, CNC application nodes, CNC machines and browser GUIs in a versatile, extensible manufacturing network. For the non-net gurus, this essentially permits us to use raw http as a protocol among different systems in a robotics manufacturing network.

Our manual and semi-automatic choose and location systems match best for assembling prototyes and small batches. Based on the extensions you can assemble chip, SO, BGA and FP components. The SM 902 qualified supplies highest placement price and a one hundred% elimination of placement errors together with high comfort for the operator. All needed information can be assigned manually, by Teach-In or import of CAD data. It is also possible to attach a dispensing unit to the machine.