Pick And Place MachineA jig and application for enabling a 3D printer to do electronics choose-n-location assembly. It populates boards, by retrofitting a 3D printer, therefore Retro Populator.

FireBOM – Equivalent to ThingDoc, FireBOM will auto-create BOMs, documentation, actual-time pricing and distributerer info, and keeps track of approved vendors and SMT part footprints. I have dogs that seem remarkably gifted at killing venomous snakes. If they see a snake ahead of I do, I never call them off due to the fact I’m afraid of distracting them and them receiving bitten.

I am so excited to have discovered your forum! I just acquired a model 85 from a 93 year old lady who employed it every single day for years to iron her husband’s dress shirts, and almost everything else. Haven’t even plugged it in yet, but she mentioned she utilised it a handful of months ago. So a lot helpful details here, in case I want it.

I surely realize this, Anonimuzz! But rattlesnakes and other species abound in this region so we turn out to be somewhat complacent about them. But we still respect them sufficient to give them a wide berth in most cases! Thanks! I have a sewing machine with Leader written on the side, and the stamp has W. Whittet Dundee on it. I have no thought about sewing machines and I cant look to find any info on this model. I can’t say if it is working, I was given it for absolutely free from a closing down art college.

Hi Mike, you have to go down to the Ironrite element (keep scrolling down), and you will come to it. If you can’t come across it, give me a contact (805-720-6178) and I will guide you to it. There is also video at about Ironrites. This is a fantastic account of washday -I’m intrigued as to how these ladies did it all.Thank you so significantly for a different brilliantly written and presented hub. Isn’t this beautiful? A Hub peruser sent this to me The art form is known as rosemaling, which is a European folk art.