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While the solder was being placed on the circuit boards, I was hand populating the components. The resulting boards are just as good as they ever have been working with a solder paste screen. And certainly, 1 of the coolest characteristics of robotic solder paste application is that I can make new boards even though never having to obtain a ~$200 solder paste screen once again.

We do not need to show other individuals how nicely off we are, they currently see it! Some, not all, but some have asked how we are performing all that we are performing with only my working a element time job! Easy! She plants seeds of dollars here and there and she collects her financial harvest from everywhere and anyplace soon after the seed produces the fruit!

Now you want to see if you have all the tools you require to do the job. A basic toolbox with socket wrenches, box wrenches, flare wrenches, and screwdrivers should cover most of your needs. Just make sure they are metric, since most cars nowadays have metric nuts and bolts. You will need some specialty tools on the other hand, most auto components retailers have a rent-a-tool system, sometimes at nominal expense and occasionally for absolutely free. For some tools there is a hefty deposit, but it is credited back to you when you bring the tool back.

I feel it will be beneficial to know the relative Gauss strength of the pickup pole pieces and being aware of the polarity, north or south, will be paramount to good results. Many internet websites on pickup creating suggest utilizing a polarity tester for determining polarity but, employing a continuous, ratiometric hall effect sensor I can measure the magnetic flux density of the pickup pole pieces at 1.3mV/G as nicely as the polarity. This is an uncalibrated worth, but it is enough for my purposes. The sensor I applied is an Allegro A1302 hall impact sensor. In the gaussmeter mode, peak gauss values are recorded and instantaneous values are reported.