AnimatronicsThe Ohio State Reformatory, also identified as the Mansfield Reformatory, is regarded by quite a few persons to be one particular of many haunted prisons in the United States. With the history of the Ohio State Reformatory, it isn’t any surprise that this location would be haunted.

I worked for years in the animatronics business. From 1976 to 1984 I was the vise president head artist and art director for Creative Engineering of Orlando, Inc. immediately after that I began Diversified Designs of Orlando, Inc that I closed down in 2000. I have because continued to design and fabricate animatronics and will quickly have an ANIMTRONICS KIT for sale. I also spent a handful of years customizing Harley Davidson motorcycles.

These marine creatures are completely operational in open ocean. The 38 foot extended full size humpback whale was an ocean going wet-submersible with ballast tanks, working blowhole, eyes and flukes, and brought on much more than a few raised eyebrows when on his custom trailer travelling down the highway. Greg sculpted and built the complete size duplicate of Old Tom” for the ABC production Killers in Eden”. Tom could dive and surface at speed and had a functioning blowhole. The good white was constructed for Jackie Chan comedy/action flick Initially Strike”.

From February 1-29, we challenge you to invent an electronic creature or character utilizing littleBits, then film it in action. We want to see you design and style a creature that mimics life, a character that has personality. Does it flutter it’s eyelashes? Have a distinctly pitched voice? Slither in an all also true way? These are not your common metallic, mechanistic robots. Pals, we want nothing brief of the illusion of life.

Mak Wilson (b. 1957) is an English puppeteer who has worked on a lot of Creature Shop and Muppet projects, starting with The Dark Crystal. He had previously toured on stage, generally performing as a puppeteer, mask and mime artist. Given that the demise of the Creature Shop in London he is now freelance, but nevertheless works with two Muppet producers, Martin Baker and Pete Coogan, and their new firm Baker Coogan Productions. He just completed the very first season of a new Playhouse Disney series called Bunnytown, produced and directed by one more Muppeteer, David Rudman.