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I’ve just barely scratched the surface here but have touched on some of what I really feel are the most important considerations for pilots who are seeking for a job at the majors. Considering that the topic is so big, I’ll be undertaking many more installments exactly where I give my guidance to military pilots who are leaving the service, and also to non-pilots who may possibly be hoping to discover a profession in aviation. Keep tuned!

Wrong runway and incorrect airport landings also happen but on occasion lady luck smiles on the errant pilots. A Southwest Airlines 737 enroute to Branson, Mo. landed at a smaller basic aviation airport various miles quick of its intended location last year. Swiftly realizing their mistake, the pilots were in a position to cease the plane on the extremely quick runway thereby averting a really serious accident.

When I opened this Lego Spybotics Shadowstrike box, it had effectively over 200 pieces that needed to be place with each other. The worst aspect was there have been no instructions included in how to do that. The manual stated to go on the Lego site for a comprehensive tutorial on how to create this Shadowstrike spy toy. So, I went on their web page and located the directions.

So if the customer knowledge is so adverse, why do the mainline airlines outsource their precious branding and operations to third parties who get paid regardless of product quality? Expense control. Salaries are notoriously low at regional airlines with some crew members qualifying for meals stamps.┬áIn truth, due to the long term contracts regionals have with their mainline partners, the only way for a regional airline to enhance unit income is through cost manage and cost reduction, which is specifically what they’ve carried out and turn into really good at.