HoneyBee G2 Ultralight Gyroplane UPDATED 11

Honeybee RoboticsHari ini adalah peringatan satu dekade peristiwa serangan teroris atas menara kembar WTC di New York, yang dikenal sebagai Tragedi 9/11. Tapi tak banyak yang tahu bahwa kenangan para korban WTC, kini justru berada nun jauh di sekitar 289,five juta km dari bumi.

A sample is delivered to MeSH, which crushes and sieves the sample to 150 micron. The crushed sample is then transfered to a sample holder and placed inside the VAPoR oven in the carousel. The carousel is then rotated below the mass spectrometer, a vacuum tight seal is produced and the method is pumped to vacuum. The sample is heated to 1000 °C at a price of 20 °C/min and the gases that evolve are analyzed by the mass spectrometer.

This 1-week residential camp at Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach, FL teaches students personal computer engineering concepts such as internet improvement, programming, 3D style, and mobile app development. They will study approaches and tools expected to produce a totally accessible and usable internet site. In addition, they will operate with robotic kits and learn about sensors, actuators and computing.

The Mojave field test integrated three investigations: 1) a study of whether or not traditional field tools generally utilized to characterize the mechanical properties of soils on Earth are appropriate for smaller bodies 2) an evaluation of how different anchoring systems may possibly allow robotic spacecraft and astronauts to remain bound to a low gravity body three) a study of how astronauts may possibly conduct geological sampling on a smaller body even though making use of anchors and tethers.

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