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A second point my Honda story illuminates is that new technologies may not usually solve substantial challenges or any issue at all. But since the technologies are there, we frequently invent issues to justify our making use of them. Or sometimes we even pretend we are solving 1 challenge when, in truth, the explanation for developing and employing a new technology is altogether distinct. There are two expensive examples I can consider of on this point.

This is an clear blurring of private and public behavior as we can see that the medium offers the user anonymity (a private notion) but a sense of belonging to certain groups (a public notion). Wallace suggests that the medium might in fact encourage ‘group polarization’ (Wallace, 2001: 79) typically noticed in public behavior due to the reality that geography is not a restricting factor and finding other people with equivalent interests is made much easier.

They stated if I could place up a million dollars up front and into the improvement that the school would cover the rest of the improvement to take it to a Beta Testable model. That was a hell of a deal due to the fact product development is extremely costly and time consuming. The chance of me coming up with a million dollars was about as achievable as me filling in the Grand Canyon with a house hold shovel.

The answer iRobot proposes is to add a note in its user manual: Customer use only use must be limited to residential regions.” This, the corporation argues, need to make sure the lawnbots won’t be carrying out their issue close to observatories. But Harvey Liszt, spectrum manager with the NRAO, says a written warning likely won’t perform. What’s to stop the guy who spends thousands of dollars on this solution from making use of it in residential regions near our telescopes?” he asks.