Automated Conveyor SystemsConveyor belts are frequent. In supermarkets, conveyor belts transport groceries to the cashier. The movement is controlled automatically by using photosensitive devices that detect goods as they pass more than the belt.

Nowadays we are monitored, tracked and stalked by our personal gadgets, cameras in our cities, in our hands or whilst driving(GPS Tracking). I really do not know how much Google Map’s camera’s work, but from the frozen pictures of my hometown, 1 strange issue is that I saw initially hand what Google is capable of. One of my childhood pals was photographed in his household holding seeds, and strangely enough he was seeking in the path of the satellite in the Google photo-whether he saw the machine or what, I will in no way know.

Watching the luggage move about the airport baggage conveyor belt brought to my mind the realization that this was one thing that we typically take for granted. Ahead of conveyor belts had been developed and implemented into our modern day day living, individuals had to transport the luggage from ticket office to airplane, and vice versa, via hand pulled carts. I became curious about all of the other conveyor belts that I see all through my day, such as at the grocery shop, and wondered how and when this small convenience was invented. This inspired me to investigate this subject and the study has been fascinating.

Hi Gail, thanks for your feedback. I enjoyed the study time spent on this hub. I did read that hub you described and it was quite exciting. The trip to Michigan was quite relaxing. It was so enjoyable to see absolutely everyone for a week and we did a lot of issues together with the youngsters. I miss them currently! 🙂 (((Hugs back))) Hope you and Hubby are enjoying the summer.

But this now” is an elusive target that we can never fairly attain. And the dissonance among our digital selves and our analog bodies has thrown us into a new state of anxiousness: present shock. Rushkoff weaves with each other seemingly disparate events and trends into a rich, nuanced portrait of how life in the eternal present has impacted our biology, behavior, politics, and culture.