Computer Aided ManufacturingPersonal computer-Numerically Controlled (CNC), Computer system-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software program is employed in the woodworking sector to control a machine’s movement, for instance a panel saw or a router. The directions for controlling the machine are provided by a CAD module. This module is integrated with manage application, or could exist as an independent application. In today’s market place high-finish cabinet style packages are capable to communicate with CNC machinery. Computerized manufacturing systems typically expense thousands of dollars. They are generally meant for industrial operations. Some more affordable systems have appeared in the marketplace not too long ago.

Di bidang industri, komputer telah dipergunakan untuk mengendalikan mesin-mesin produksi dengan kecepatan tinggi, misalnya Computer Numerical Control (CNC) yang merupakan pengawasan numeric atau perhitungan, Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM), Laptop Aided Style (CAD) untuk merancang bentuk desain sebuah produk yang akan dikeluarkan pada sebuah business atau pabrik, misal sebuah mesin serba guna dalam industri logam sehingga dapat kita jumpai berbagai produk industri logam yang bervariasi dan kita bayangkan sulit apabila dikerjakan secara manual. Banyak pula mesin dalam industri garmen yang dilengkapi dengan kendali komputer, misalnya melakukan pewarnaan, membuat bordir, dan sebagainya.

CAM is an integral portion of solution lifecycle management (PLM) , playing essential roles in initial manufacturing for product introduction and long-term production. Applied collectively with laptop-aided style (CAD) , pc-aided engineering (CAE) , digital manufacturing , and solution data management (PDM) , whole item lifecycles can be optimized for suitability, reliability and profitability.

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