Breakthroughs In Health-related Robotics (3)

Medical RobotsThe Merriam Webster Dictionary, 1998, defines robotics as technologies dealing with the design and style, building, and operation of robots”.

But guess what? Such a development was prophesied more than a hundred years ago by the early pioneers of the 19th century political economy – that in a capitalist market place, any given set of manual skill will sooner or later get replaced by machines for greater productivity and profits. And that creates each new pressures and opportunities for the healthcare workforce to renew itself through new instruction and profession preparing.

Adam says, We humans have an awesome ability to approach details from our sense of touch, yet the robotic tools surgeons are increasingly using for keyhole surgery do not contain this sense. These robots are remotely controlled by the surgeon, commonly in a console in the similar room as the robot and patient. Regardless of the enhanced dexterity and vision supplied by these robots, surgeons can no longer ‘feel’ the tissue that they are working with.

There is no robot for a man like me. Well, till I finish up as a patient here, exactly where there is plenty of robots for a man like me. Then I’ll have no choice but to sit back and soak in the automated future of medicine—the beeping, the incessant politeness, the whir of electric motors. Count me out, even though, when a single of them begins speaking like an Australian.

Articles are often written for a particular audience, and it is not very good editorial policy to give one’s readers bad news. So editors have a tendency to be selective about which jobs are going to vanish due to increasing artificial intelligence. The truth is that practically each and every job is now replaceable, to one degree or a different, by artificial intelligence.