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One particular cost input that most likely wasn’t deemed hugely variable was that of labor, especially pilots. One of the main reasons the regional airline model even exists is that it functioned as an finish run around union contracts at the major airlines. Several decades ago key airline unions (ALPA, APA) permitted loopholes in their contracts permitting their airlines to outsource the operation of smaller aircraft thinking that the amount of flying would remain little.

The U.S. military wants to develop a futuristic drone capable of physically vanishing just a handful of hours immediately after carrying supplies to troops on a battlefield. The impetus for this new initiative, which was posted online by the Defense Sophisticated Investigation Projects Agency (DARPA) just a couple of days ago, is to solve the logistical and strategic challenges involved in attempting to bring drones and other provide autos back to base through battle or on covert operations.

From the really beginning of the arrival of the very first private drones — which can be deemed each tiny unmanned aircraft and flying robots — a couple of years ago, they were mainly applied for aerial photography and video recording, because they can attain a lot of advantageous points and angles for photographing or filming not possible to get otherwise and with incredible levels of stability, to such an extent that drones have added to the gear of a lot of photojournalists who had already employed photographic cameras featuring HD recording for some years.

Setup was simple—all we had to do was connect a smartphone to the remote controller by way of its proprietary USB cable, power on the drone and RC, and then launch DJI GO , the new flight control application, on the telephone. One particular tap brings you into camera view mode, and all that is needed is a compass calibration—the procedure of turning the drone through a complete 360-degree rotation horizontally and vertically—and a brief warmup period. The Phantom 3 is by far one of the easiest drones to configure and launch.