Material Handling EquipmentMaterial handling adalah suatu seni dan ilmu untuk memindahkan, membungkus, dan menyimpan bahan-bahan dalam segala bentuk (B.K. Hedge, 1972).

Pay consideration to advisories regarding regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some components contained in computers are regarded as hazardous material so HazMat certifications may be needed in some situations. The principal concern when transporting old equipment is leakage to the environment so be extremely careful when transporting batteries.

Welding goggles protect the welder from radiation, particles, intense light and irritation. The goggles also give protection from the irritation to the eyes that may be caused by chemicals released by the welding action. These goggles should be effectively fitting and workers must be educated on the suitable way of wearing welding goggles.

Suspended roll racks are used to protect any kind of sensitive, rolled material. They use a core beam design that holds the roll up off the floor and prevents it from ever touching the ground. They can be accessed with a fork lift or a hoist. These racks can be stacked up to 3 higher. Coil racks are created for storing heavy material such as steel coil in secure, consolidated regions to minimize the threat of injury and harm. Coil racks can be moved swiftly with forklifts and stacked five higher when needed.

A tiny refillable spray bottle for water, such as a Nalgene travel cosmetic spray bottle or clean atomizer. Tip: Get an additional and fill it with olive oil for misting your hands, tools, clay, perform surface, etc. I also suggest finding an further atomizer/mist bottle with a really fine spray for misting clay lightly with water when it gets a little dry.