Human Machine InterfaceBorn on Could 21, 1878 in Hammondsport, New York, Curtiss, whose middle name had been offered in honor of the city’s founding father, had, as a schoolboy, always been interested in mathematics and mechanics and had forged a life path which had closely paralleled that of the modern Wright Brothers. That path would ultimately lead to a mirror-cracking, nine-year lawsuit in between the two.

With the advent of quantum computing, some believe that encryption will assure the state of one’s thoughts, as it were. But offered what we know now about corporate-government overlap and cooperation, will you be comfortable putting your mind literally in the Cloud? Remember, each and every new level of computation promises the assure of a lot more security and privacy, although every single revelation points to a vast reduction of both. The merging of man and machine into the matrix could develop into a permanent nightmare from which it is impossible to awaken.

It’s not that consumer-grade dashboard GPS systems are, collectively, at fault. Something else was taking place when these commercially obtainable GPS-enabled devices began hitting the bigger population – a thing far more fundamental. Alternatively of lifting our heads, searching about and pondering for ourselves, some of us no longer saw the planet as human beings have for thousands of years – and just accepted what ever our GPSs showed us.

The use of inspection methods alone is not a substitute for empirical user testing 72 , 73 ). The best outcome can be accomplished when the two approaches are combined, considering that the inspection techniques and empirical methods each enable challenges to be found that are overlooked when only a single system is employed 74 Approaches of empirical user testing are for instance the think aloud protocol, interviews, questionnaires and usability tests in the laboratory.

The dehumanizing effects of more than-organization are reinforced by the dehumanizing effects of over-popula¬≠tion. Market, as it expands, draws an ever greater proportion of humanity’s increasing numbers into large cities. But life in big cities is not conducive to mental well being (the highest incidence of schizophrenia, we are told, occurs amongst the swarming inhabitants of industrial slums) nor does it foster the sort of responsible freedom inside modest self-governing groups, which is the very first condition of a genuine democ¬≠racy.