All about the European Health Insurance Card

You don’t expect to fall sick or have an accident when you leave for a holiday. Unfortunately, it does happen, so it’s best to be prepared. You may be shocked when you’re handed a huge bill in the emergency department of a foreign hospital. Fortunately, there are approaches to keep away from this, particularly in case you’re going in a European nation.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), more often than not known as a European Medical Card, entitles the UK and Irish Citizens to free or reduced medicinal treatment in state-run health facilities in the European Economic Area (EEA). Everybody, babies and children included need to have their own European Insurance Cards.

From the date of issue, the European Health Insurance Card has a validity of five and four years in the UK and Ireland respectively; once you have it, you won’t have to stress over applying for it consistently. Just remember to check the validity of your card before you get on that plane. How do I apply for the European Health Insurance Card? Fundamentally, there are three approaches to finish your EHIC application, the most advantageous being on the internet. The second way to complete your application is by calling them through their automated service on 0300 3301350. You can also make a paper application that you’ll post on to them directly.
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And how do I utilize my European Medical Card? European Medical Cards are only accepted in public medical facilities, so if you need medical help while you’re on holiday, try to go to a public medical facility. You need to make sure that you show your EHIC before you acquire any treatment. On some occasions, you may be required to pay the bill once you are treated in a European health facility then claim a refund using your EHIC. Do not misplace your receipts and any paperwork. The receipts and documents may be vital once you are applying for a refund from your insurance provider.
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And what should I do if my EHIC has expired? The process of applying for an EHIC card online is straightforward. It is not involving applying for replacement EHIC online. Usually, it takes anywhere close to seven days for your card to arrive if you have got a UK address. In the event that you apply by post, your card may take a couple of weeks longer to arrive. You will have to apply in good time since there is no ‘fast track’ service like there is at the passport office. In case you need emergency medical attention during your travels, you may be given a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) to prove that you are entitled to the EHIC. The Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) will be sent straightforwardly to where you were treated.