Auto Repair Marketing Tip - Is Groupon For You?

Auto Repair Marketing Tip – Is Groupon For You?

We all know about the rage that is going on with the Groupon-type services, and with many businesses, I see where it can be a really good fit. Examples would be in the fast food industry, and with companies that sell commodities like soap or shoes. Yet when it comes to the auto repair business, with just two exceptions, I feel that this type of marketing is a bad fit. Here’s why….

The most successful shop owners and dealerships know that they have to specifically target their customers, because they are aware of the price that’s paid when they have the wrong customers on the other side of their service counters. I’m talking about the customers who don’t take good care of their automobiles, they don’t have the money or creditworthiness to pay for your recommended services, or they are the do-it-yourselfers. This is why the successful operators will identify who their targeted customers are (in both demographics and psychographics), and direct their auto repair marketing campaigns toward those customers. This allows them to generate higher ARO’s, happier customers, more repeat business and higher profits.

On the other hand, with a service like Groupon you can bring in a lot of traffic, but odds are that the overwhelming majority of those leads will be the wrong kind of customers. Some shop owners attempt to filter their Groupon customers by setting a higher price on their oil service specials, which is a good move, but with no other filters or qualifiers in place, it’s still likely that the majority of these customers will only have one thing in common: They’re looking for the best price.

With that said, I do see two exceptions. I can see Groupon being effective for the shop owner who just opened up a new shop and …

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Heated Seats, Air Conditioned Seats, and More

Heated Seats, Air Conditioned Seats, and More

The seats in our vehicles used to be incredibly simple and incredibly easy to use. They simply moved forward and backward, allowing you to adjust to fit in the vehicle comfortable. Today’s world has completely changed the way we view how we sit in a vehicle. Changes in technology have allowed for incredible advancements that make our ride more enjoyable, more comfortable, and easier to manage.

While there are various changes that have been made to our seats, there are a few that stand out among the rest. These are some of the major changes that have come to the world of sitting in a vehicle.

Heated Seats

Heated seats are one of the best inventions, in terms of luxury, for recent vehicles. This invention is especially important for those who have leather seats in their vehicles. The heated seats work quickly, helping to heat up the entire seat, for both the back and the rear. It is something that can be controlled by individual seat, with some allowing for completely temperature control.

Air Conditioned Seats

Air conditioned seats follow the exact same principle as the heated seats. The air conditioned seats help to cool the entire chair down, and is especially important for those who have leather seats. There are simply small perforations in the seat that allow for air to go through the seat. There is cool air that is pushed through these perforations, creating air conditioned seats. These seats are also controlled individually, with some offering climate control.

Seat Settings

There are some vehicles that allow you to save settings for your seat. This means that when you get in your vehicle, you can simply sit in the seat and press a button. Your seat will automatically remember your preferences in terms of height, forward/backward motion, and …

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