New Audi – The Audi A8

New Audi - The Audi A8

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Car companies face the challenge year in and year out to redesign their vehicles and make improvements that consumers are going to appreciate. With the New Audi A8, this car company has risen to the challenge. The new A8 not only has a new body design with lighter materials, but it also has added technology to the interior. As with all models produced by Audi, this car has excellent handling, an eye catching style and provides one of the most luxurious rides out on the road.

The New Audi A8 builds on the previous designs of using aluminum on the body and the frame. This makes the car lighter on the road, and also adds styling to the body. With the new model, this styling is going to be highlighted which is something all Audi fans will appreciate. The A8 will also keep the Quattro all wheel drive system, but for those interested, there will be a front wheel drive model available as well. This front wheel drive system does provide more fuel efficiency which many car owners are looking for these days.

The technology in the interior of the New Audi A8 has kept some of the same offerings from past years, but a few things have been upgraded. The very popular MMI system has had a few additional features put with it. Drivers can now search for points of interest with Google and have point by point directions given directly through the navigation screen. Google Earth is also now integrated into the system to aid drivers with their navigation. As always, a driver’s mobile phone can be integrated with the technology system as well.

Along with all of the new style and technological gadgets, the New Audi A8 also has a strong focus on safety. Since …

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Step Into the Field of Automotive Technology With Online Education

Step Into the Field of Automotive Technology With Online Education

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Automotive Technology has revolutionized the human way of living because using the introduction in the initially automobile in 1885. This location of study comes under the vocational field of education which has developed within a dramatic way mainly because of the ever-increasing buying of new and utilised automobiles.

According to a research passed on 2007 there were about 135,399,945 licensed automobiles present inside the US alone. Hence the additional automobiles you might have the additional skilled automotive personals you’ll need. For those of you seeking an chance to seek automotive technologies education online you can now develop into a professional in to time with all the following certificate and degree applications.

Automotive Education (On the net Certificate Program)

The certificate program provides students with technical and complex capability to take care of all types of automobile complications; additionally, it provides you with skills which enable you to deal with and fix all braking, electronics and engine troubles.

If you choose automotive technologies coaching on the net then it is going to take you about six to eighteen months to finish the certificate plan. The following coursework is integrated in the automotive education certificate plan:

  • Performance and Diagnosis
  • Automotive Service Fundamentals
  • Brake Systems
  • Automotive Pc Systems
  • Automatic and Manual Drive Trains
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Transmissions
  • Electronic Systems

Just after you might have completed your certificate system by means of on-line education you will be able to accomplish all automotive technology services providing you access to work at repair shops, automobile retail shops and warehouses.

Profession Outlook & Salary Info

Those who complete their automotive education certificate plan can go on to pursue careers as auto technicians, parts specialists, CNG & LPG mechanics etc. Besides this you’ll be able to also pursue various other courses via on line education:

  • Engine
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