Automation EngineerThe petroleum business makes use of sophisticated systems to monitor, measure and control wells, facilities and pipeline operations. Control of all ‘mission-critical’ processes is fundamental to organization overall performance, economics and security.

This is unlikely to take the form of a single ‘robot housemaid’, as some folks envisioned in the past. It is a lot more probably that we will have a variety of robotic devices developed to deal with individual chores and operate in conjunction with precise appliances. We currently have robot vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, window cleaners and lawn mowers – and I guarantee you that much more robots will be entering our homes extremely, incredibly quickly.

I had the pleasure of working with Kristy Fitch although on my job hunt earlier this year. I had worked with numerous recruiters in the course of this procedure and Kristy was the only one particular that clearly place my interests initially. Her very first priority was connecting me with an employer that fit my preferences rather than just attempting to make her reduce. Thanks to Kristy, I landed my dream job and couldn’t be a lot more satisfied. I would suggest her to anyone in the field seeking employment, and she will be the first individual I speak to if I ever seek new opportunities.

Not only this, the scope of application of these robotics and lab automation is extremely wide. In addition to becoming used in the many pipettes for a thorough operation, different pharmaceutical company also want to make all their phases of research, automated. This newest trend in the laboratory market place instruments assists the scientists to automate several simple laboratory procedures with minimal work. Some of the principal areas where the implementation of this technologies is required at huge are laboratories that operate with DNA sequencing, Genomics and micro satellite analysis.

Hunter: I can honestly say that I use practically none of what I discovered in college except the occasional ohms law and some basic physics. (I suppose I have run into Assembly and FORTRAN programming when or twice in my profession but, needless to say, there isn’t a massive call for that!) If I had to pick something, I would say that I learned how to understand in college. I picked up the capacity to quickly scan documents for the information I need to have, and I learned how to break things down into key concepts so that I understood the underlying physics of a issue. With that understanding, I could normally come up with a solution.