Liquid RoboticsLiquid Robotics instruments the ocean with fleets of networked, wave powered ocean robots and is transforming ocean observation.

Although Wave Gliders haven’t accomplished Skynet-like consciousness, they represent a revolution in robotics that promises to advance ocean exploration and exploitation, considerably as the Hubble Space Telescope opened the cosmos. Packed in their 7-by-2-foot titanium- framed fiberglass bodies are terabytes of cellphone flash storage, a dual-core ARM processor running open Linux software, a battery pack, sensor arrays, a GPS unit, and wireless and satellite communications systems. It really is all powered by two off-the-shelf solar panels that cover the top of the Glider.

I was driving my 2010 corolla (95,000 miles) on the hwy tonight. Went to pass an individual driving slow and didn’t floor it just steadily enhanced my speed and passed and as my speed was growing we felt a quite huge clunk someplace it was Tough. I am freaking out here, is my engine or tranny completed for I can not afford a headache right now.

I feel what happened is the heat shield was hitting the drive shaft, just like you thought. there could have been far more than 1 spot the shield was bent and the mechanic could have missed it (I am shocked they didn’t road test it immediately after the repair), You might be capable to crawl under the car and bend it out of the way oneself. Let me know if you have any other inquiries, if you have a minute, come back here and let me know what you locate, thanks.

The Wave Glider is use for navigation and payload manage, satellite communication systems, and ocean sensors to measure the environment about it. It has sensors that measure weather, sea conditions, water quality and chemistry, living organisms, bottom topography and currents and acoustic microphones and arrays have been adapted to record passing ships and the vocalizations of whales and other mammals. The energy necessary to operate the sensors and computers is supplied by solar panels, which are utilised to recharge lithium-ion batteries.