3 Tips on How to Maintain a Safe Fireplace

For those living in colder climates, fireplaces aren’t an optional home addition – they’re a must. When the dreary cold sets in, it becomes a top priority for homeowners to make sure they maintain optimal warmth in their homes to stay comfortable throughout the season. Of course, while fireplaces are an essential for a lot of individuals, they can also pose serious dangers. Having a live fire in your home is not to be taken lightly, even if it’s contained in your fireplace. Be sure to maintain a safe fireplace to avoid accidents and damages by taking note of these three tips.

1. Keep Your Fireplace Contained with a Gate – You might start to get a little careless about the way you move around your home if you’ve been living there for a while now. You should be sure to stay alert when there’s a fireplace in your home. What’s more, having kids that don’t understand the dangers of your fireplace walking around your home can be doubly perilous. To prevent people from straying too close to a fireplace, be sure to install a gate or a containment to ensure that the fire is kept a safe distance away from people in your home.

2. Make Sure Fires are Completely Put Out – You’ve probably heard stories of peoples’ houses burning down all because they left a single smoldering piece of firewood in their fireplace. Unless you want to put your family in the way of that kind of danger, you should always make sure that the fire is completely put out whenever you do. Visit your local hardware store and buy the right tools and materials to make sure your fire is properly and completely put out every time you’re done using your fireplace. Using an iron rod, poke around the area and see if there are any embers left behind so you can put them out.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Fireplaces

3. Check All Aspects – It’s not unlikely for animals like birds and squirrels to live in your fireplace’s chimney, so you should make sure that they’re not making a home for themselves by inspecting your fireplace regularly. If you find that there are small creatures living in your chimney, you should properly and safely remove them and relocate them to a more ideal area. You might also want to check for debris that you can remove to make smoke exit easier, and if there are any overhanging branches of trees that you might want to remove. For homeowners who aren’t capable of or aren’t willing to climb up their roof and clean their chimney, chimney cleaning services are a practical and effective way to get the job done.Why People Think Reviews Are A Good Idea