Robotics DefinitionFinish effector is a generic term that contains all the devices that can be intalled at a robot wrist. Synonyms of end effector are end of arm tooling (or EOAT), robot peripherals or robot accessories even though these final two terms are not as precise and can include devices that are not necessarily installed and the finish of the robot arm.

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The Kukaprc motion commands take planes to drive the motion. You can consider of a plane as an origin (location of the TCP in space) and an orientation for the axes (rotational position of the robot’s tool plate). There are a number of useful Grasshopper components for dealing with planes, accessible in the Vector menu / Plane panel. Other devices include the Amazon Echo , which is set to be a surprise best seller for the 2015 holiday season, and OLED Tv technologies is going to explode in the coming months.