Things You Have to Know About Vitamin B17

It has long been under debate because of the conflicting ideas. The Vitamin B17 is one glycoside that can be found in particular fruit seeds. This was discovered in 1803 by separating those molecules of bitter almond seeds which are also known as Prunus dulcis.

Vitamin B17 is also called Laetril or Amygdalin. Among the fruits where you can get this vitamin are the nectarine, apricot, apple, peach, cherry and orange. This can also be found in so many grasses and beans which include the bamboo shoots, wheat grass, spinach, mug bean sprouts, watercress and alfalfa sprouts. Fruit seeds are also considered to be quite important sources of food to supply the needed nutrients to the Navajo Indians, Abkhasian tribes and the Himalayan Hunzas. Such tribal cultures would consume such fruit seeds as the major source of food that offered them important nourishment and also contributed to the health and well-being.

There are many conflicting reports about Vitamin B17 since this produces a dose which is a type of cyanide. For this reason, a lot of research programs were actually dedicated to Vitamin B17 but such were banned in 1977 due to the fact that cyanide is one harmful chemical. According to research though, the type of cyanide which is produced by the Vitamin B17 would just target the body’s cancerous cells. If Vitamin B17 is being ingested, this would excrete a kind of enzyme which shields those non-cancerous cells inside the body and this means that the cyanide would just only affect the cancerous cells. You must know that there is actually no harm being caused in the body’s healthy cells. According to research, it becomes clear that Vitamin B17 is one of the natural substances that would help in fighting cancer.
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To be able to know the long term effects of the vitamins, there are so many scientists as well as doctors in the US who are actually studying the tribes which used these. According to research, it was found out that none of the members of such tribes were being affected by cancer or have ever gotten heart diseases. In their study, the native diet was actually high in millet as well as apricot and such continued to make them healthy too. However, when they were exposed to the food culture and diet of the western world, they became more susceptible to sicknesses and diseases.
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It is not lawful for the physician and the doctor to give or prescribe Vitamin B17 in the US. However, consulting with a nutritionist will provide you more information about how you can add Vitamin B17 in your diet because there are a lot of foods which are really rich in Vitamin B17 and you need to know them.