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Also the helmet may send ELF into the area of the brain to power up or stimulate that location. A brain is a muscle and when it performs, it performs properly and when you don’t you use it in a combat circumstance it may take you to hell. Sooner or later as wearable computers integrate with the Completely Connected Human Getting- FCH achiever, these concepts will look rather apparent and organic. Given that it is stated that we as humans only use 20% of our brains (speak for your self) it only tends to make sense that we really should use our technologies to boost our skills to assists us realize additional and innovate additional to get us to exactly where we need to ultimately be with regards to evolving the species.

Handicap Interface: To date, those of us humans with debilitating injuries, particularly paraplegics, have had to rely on sensors that are mouthed and designed to detect puffs of air from the operator. A Kinect like device would, instead, be able to detect head and eye motion, replacing a cumbersome interface with a much more useful and organic, to the operator, interface. Possibly greatest of all, the operator would not be necessary to put on or attempt to manipulate anything more than his/her head.

The photo above is a clear indication how far we nevertheless have to go. Even if this Internet flow is present in the spotted wy shown above, it is also blocked and censored in several techniques. Ad to that the exhorbitant rates to ve paid for the acees to the Internet, and the gizmos to connect to it. Confounding all that, is lack of jobs, dollars and educaton for several Africans within the Continent.

That is why, above, I pointed out to the fact that Clear Channel disdains and destroys African culture and its attendant capabilities. The partial tech history given above by Postman offers us just adequate to start to realize how and why Clear Channel is operating and behaving as it does in nations like South Afirca. It has no interest in regional or indigenous cultures, languages, music and so forth. It constantly wants or is programmed by its beginnings/history to impose its interests, suggestions, its applications and its way how it was conceived/functioned centuries ago, as traced by Postman above.