War RobotsJibo was the outcome of a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo that had accumulated over three.7 million dollars from backers and contributors. In layman’s terms, it became a single of the most productive crowdfunding projects to date.

thanks for that video link Claire – horrible. Especially element two, with the programming for ‘entering into the New Planet Order for Security!’ Except what will occur will be ‘entering into the NWO to be a slave forever’. What will make us slaves will be the RFID chip which will be given WITH the vaccine to defend against the virus pandemic. I would rather die than reside with an RFID chip.

There had been no photographs or interviews. I just knew of him. Years later, I was making a television series known as South Africa Now, for public tv in the U.S and 40 other countries. Mandela left South Africa for Zambia, where the ANC had its base. We set up an interview with him there for the Phil Donahue Show, which was observed reside in the US You know, they had no television in South Africa when he went to prison however, when he got out, he became a Television organic.

Wealth comes from two sources: from the all-natural sources of the atmosphere and fro the labor that is mixed with those resources the mental and physical labor that produces the commodities and services of our society. Income are the funds you make without working. Investment earnings are wealth made by people who operate and distributed to folks who take no portion in the function, the stock holders.

The Digital Wars in the present-future and future, are played-out in a lot of arenas and environments. It is no far more just warring on the mangled bodies and bombed out spaces that is the only war(which it nonetheless is nowadays)… These are much more picayune and really subtle but deadly wars that are getting waged on all fronts. Some extol the virtues of these emerging concepts, are a boon for humanity. Several decry the reality that these new strategies of producing and disseminating tips are the ones that Kill Men and women, societies and interactive environments.