Future RobotsIsmail Khalid – Nadine, a social humanoid robot that resembles its creator Prof Nadia Thalmann (NTU – Singapore). The robot is developed to communicate fluently with humans and entertain them. Nadine utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms and is backed by millions of dollars and years of analysis and development. Here my supervisor (Prof Jian J Zhang) and I are conversing with Nadine, she answers some concerns, and sings us a Daisy Daisy song (though not extremely melodic). The robot is regularly enhancing its understanding patterns by communicating with humans on a daily basis and will 1 day (perhaps 20 years from now) finds its way into our homes as a useful and autonomous entity.

Each sort, shape and size of battle bots have been produced by some of the sharpest minds in the planet, and in the finish they’re still rather clumsy and ineffective, but that doesn’t take away from the entertaining of searching at how they are built. In other words, the finish of labor, combined with the rise of winner-take-all markets, could result in a huge runup in inequality.

The quick threat, authorities warn, comes in the kind of autonomous weapons – military machines capable of killing devoid of permission from a human. From unmanned planes to missile defence systems to sentry robots, we’ve already got military hardware that functions with very tiny input from a human mind. The story about the South Korean woman really got me! I can not think about what the future holds, a crazy rapid moving globe we reside in.

And with weeds in Australia establishing a chemical resistance, a new emphasis on the use of microwave technologies for weed handle could potentially replace herbicides altogether. Please send all your imaginary close friends back to Jerusalem exactly where they came from. They will be happier at property exactly where they belong. They will prepare a much better life for you. The Mission is to remedy mental illness, individually and collectively, all through the entire world in just about every nation, religion and culture.

Intriguing and educative post, now that Nanotechnology has led to improvement of drugs and new remedy, i hope it is just a matter of time and scientists will come across the extended awaited once and for all Cancer remedy. Voted up, useful and more. But robots could be of much better use in particular in the medical field and Dr. Umamaheswar Duvvuri Macedonia’s border with Greece as scores of refugees remain stuck in limbo.