How To Understand Water Damage Restoration

No matter what kind of moisture damage problem you may be experiencing in your home, an immediate repair and fix is needed in order to keep your home elegant looking and its equipments at full functionality. Whenever you are experiencing moisture caused damage, you can turn to water damage restoration for a quick and easy repair in your home making it livable again. The following are few of the steps that you can follow to be able to provide repair to your home after a water damage.

Damage Assessment

In any case of water damage to property like floods, before any repairs could be made in your property you must first be able to calculate the total loss in order to make an assessment. This does not only gets you informed on the amount of loss caused on your property by the calamity but it will also inform the technicians that will do the repair what they need to repair. In order for a technician to know the property’s injuries, they need to look for an insurance company that could help them work it out. Once the property’s injury and loss assessment have been acquired by the technician, he is now ready to start creating a refurbishing plan for the repairs to start immediately.
Figuring Out Options

On the assessment day, you can expect that assigning the three categories will be done by the water damage restoration company. The categories will serve as an identification as to which level of disaster handling will be made for your devastated home and vice versa. The categories are as follows:
A Brief Rundown of Businesses

1st Category: Water devastation endured by a property that does not have any contaminant sources like human wastes. This category represents water sources that produces clean water like waterline and pipes. When water from the toilet is in question, it could still be reconsidered to be part of this category as long as no found contaminants will be reported.

2nd Category: Minimal contamination or water that has been found on sources that could possibly have a small amount of contaminants like urine.

3rd Category: This category represents water damage caused by microbial infected sources and have the highest level of contaminants like a toilet with a feces and other contaminated sources.

Area Of Decontamination and Drying

Once the categories has been assigned, the water damage restoration company will now begin the repair process by starting the drying of the affected areas in the house. In cases of category two and category three devastation, the area that is affected by the contaminated water will be decontaminated immediately after the drying process is done in order to ensure health safety. You must also know that not all areas of the house will be decontaminated since the areas that are not affected did not have any contacts with the contaminated water. Small amount of decontamination is done on areas that are not easily reached.