Scada SystemsI was at an asset management workshop lately that integrated a quantity of state regulators. The theme was asset management and certification, but & M and the tie-in to understanding your assets kept coming up.

Vulnerability management refers to identifying users, classifying, remediating and mitigating vulnerabilities in Details Technologies (IT) networks. When a new vulnerability is announced, it is known as zero-day vulnerabilityā€¯, as on that day there is no time to introduce a new defense and the connected systems remain unprotected till a new antivirus version becomes available. Dealing with cyber security for SCADA systems is diverse from dealing with IT networks. Amongst the major variations are: Legacy equipment cannot be updated with new application, they operate 24/7/365, and the apparent concern is that every transform of a code could result in security or reliability dangers.

Given the large quantity of deployed SCADA devices and the slow migration to contemporary, safe SCADA devices, the SCADA marketplace wants the potential to add security to both current legacy devices and new designs in a expense-powerful manner for both remote SCADA devices positioned outdoors of a corporate network and for nearby SCADA devices such as these residing on the factory floor.

They showed me an OPC-UA application that securely connected to different PLCs (a lot of AB, Siemens, and AD) through various PCs devoid of an OPC tunneller. All this worked equally effectively on Windows and Linux systems. After the information is accessible from the PLC, you get the complete visualization spectrum that FactoryPMI currently provides (graphics, multimedia, historical trends, reporting, etc).

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