Liquid RoboticsLiquid Robotics has raised a $22 million series d investment, led by VantagePoint Capital Partners. Primarily based in Hawaii and California, the business makes wave-powered, marine drones that are remote controlled by satellite, and capable of roaming the seas unmanned to collect environmental and defense-connected information.

Los robots denominados Wave Glider ” de Liquid Robotics son pequeñas embarcaciones que recolectan datos de sensores. Las unidades tienen una eslora de aproximadamente dos metros y pueden comunicarse con sus bases mediante satélites y redes de telefonía móvil. Los robots aprovechan la luz del sol y la energía undimotriz. El producto está dirigido a las investigaciones comerciales y la industria de la defensa, según informa la propia empresa.

Its solutions are utilized in different applications, including government/defense-national defense, port and harbor security, transportation security, maritime domain awareness, search and rescue, and maritime law enforcement scientific/environmental-climate science, oceanography, meteorology, tsunami warning, marine protected location monitoring, and marine mammal observation and commercial/industrial-fisheries management, aquaculture, all-natural sources discovery, pollution detection, and offshore renewable energy.

At this point researchers discovered that the same neurons that had responded earlier to a distinct clip fired strongly a second or two just before the topic reported recalling that clip. These neurons did not fire, however,when other clips were recalled. By observing this researchers identified that which clip a patient was recalling prior to the patient announced it.

Hi Vista, If a tire has an uneven tread pattern it can result in noise, a wheel bearing will commonly bring about a low groan or howl, it will also be far more pronounced with speed. The clunk noise has got me baffled, it nearly sounds like your wheel is loose, you in all probability already have had it checked out by now, so let me know what you found.