Human RobotsA single of the real dangers for human-robotic interaction is creating robots appear much more intelligent than they are.

A universal operation interface and assist mechanism makes it possible for the attendant or caregiver to quickly adjust the arm which holds and supports the patient with one hand. Consideration has also been provided to security for the caregivers and the care receivers with a function that prevents accidental pinching. Excellent to study someone else’s Robot List, effectively carried out. I loved reading the Trivia also. Thanks for sharing!

A. Billard, Robins, B, Dautenhahn, K. and Nadel, J (2006) Developing Robota, a Mini-Humanoid Robot for the Rehabilitation of Youngsters with Autism. RESNA Assistive Technologies Journal. Vol. 19, Issue 1. I hope to introduce you to the notion, the technology, its benefits and some potential disadvantages in the course of this hub. So welcome to the planet of Robot Assisted Surgery. This is of course wonderful news for sufferers of Motor Neurone Disease or similar conditions of which there are millions of about the planet and it shows AI in a quite good light.

Hi Mr. Soni, you have designed seriously nice article on the RC vehicles and I am really glad to see the hyperlinks you have offered in this, I imply the hyperlinks took me to seriously valuable and informational web sites on the net. Take care and have a good day. After once more, thanks for writing such a beneficial and inpiring short article. The arm has a easy gripper to pick up objects such as pens and Tv remotes, while thinner tough-to-grasp objects like paper or cards can be lifted off the floor employing a smaller vacuum installed in the hand.

Wheeler S and Lambert-Heggs W (2010) Connecting Distance Learners and Their Mentors Employing Blogs: The MentorBlog Project. Quarterly Critique of Distance Education, 10 (4), 323-331. The agents are supposed to act on behalf of or in collaboration with humans they adopt roles and fulfill tasks usually completed by humans, thus they demand human types of (social) intelligence.