Robotics Definitionmobile robotics The branch of robotics concerned with movable robot systems that are able to locomote within an atmosphere or terrain. Mobile robotics and robots are mostly employed in research on navigation and exploration, with applications for autonomous guided autos Recent investigation in behavior-based systems has utilized legged robots as mechanical analogues of insects and easy animals.

ISS ceased operations in mid-2005 mainly because of lawsuits and lack of funding, and it sold its Robodoc assets to Novatrix Biomedical in 2007. Working with these assets, Novatrix has set up a new business named Curexo Medical to continue improvement of Robodoc, which is nevertheless sold in Europe, Asia, and other regions and lastly received FDA approval in 2008. The NeuroMate technologies was recently acquired by Schaerer Mayfield NeuroMate AG (Lyon, France), and it is at present not readily available on the marketplace.

TOOL: We usually use custom tools with the Agilus Workcell. Consequently a Mesh component gets wired into the KUKAprc Custom Tool element (labelled TOOL above). This gets wired into the TOOL slot of the Core. The Mesh component points to a mesh representation of the tool drawn in the Rhino file. See the section below on Tool orientation and configuration.

The authors acknowledge the assistance of the European Commission by way of the OCTOPUS Integrating Project (project no. 231608, ICT FET) and the Octo-Prop Reintegration Grant (project no. 269477, Marie Curie) and of the Fondazione Livorno through the PoseiDRONE I and II projects. The Soft Robotics challenge is being supported by the European Commission also by way of the RoboSoft CA (project no. 619319, ICT FET-Open). The authors want to thank the Soft Robotics Group of the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and the project partners.

An Ecosphere is a fully self-contained ecology. It includes a range of micro-ogranisms, modest shrimp and algae in a sealed fish tank filled with filtered sea water. No feeding or cleaning is needed – the organisms inside have been particularly selected so that they can survive in their personal small world for several years without having needing something bit a small bit of light.