3D RoboticsIn conjunction with the launch of WALL-E – the new animated function from Disney and Pixar starring an adorably dorky robot – in summer time this year, Disney will be releasing an revolutionary line of robotic toys. Amongst them are the iDance Wall-E dancing boombox, the Ultimate WALL-E robotic toy and the remote controlled Tinker Bell flying toy.

What makes the Droid Planner two software program so exceptional, is that in contrast to other ground station waypoint apps that simply send your drone to various points and return the mission, you can set up a survey of an area and the computer software will calculate the height, camera and craft information and draw a grid for the mission to complete a complete coverage pass. This is crucial for precision agriculture, construction and geological surveyance.

Printing 3 dimensional objects is fairly cool – but us Geeks enjoy electronics and gadgets. Wouldn’t it be good if we could print out our personal electronics? Effectively soon this will be achievable. I’ve cheated a tiny bit with this choice mainly because the EX1 Circuit Board Printer isn’t actually accessible to get however, but it has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter and should be available to the common public prior to also long.

I went on testing it and wrote a script, which initially allowed me to use it with the InMoov finger starter (see third video) undertaking 3 smaller movements. The benefit of the Thalmic is the ease of use and set up. Once calibrated, you can take away it from your arm and place it back on (in the exact same position) it automatically functions once more, no require for re-calibration.

In the air, the Solo is just as stable and responsive as Phantom three models. It is nimble, rising up from the ground with ease (take-off and landing are fully automated), and it handled like a champ on a crisp late Autumn day with the wind blowing lightly. The typical flight controls are there—the left stick controls altitude and yaw, while the right moves the drone in any path via the air—but there are also a number of automated modes built into the aircraft.