Scada SystemsDNV GL has assisted utilities with the arranging, procurement, and implementation of more than 200 EMS/SCADA systems for energy systems ranging from 40 MW to one hundred MW.

Excellence SCADA method is capable to considerably enhance the speed of recovery in the event of energy outage. These issues happen when the SCADA-enabled switches and closers line so it can help isolate the location in case of a blackout by suggests of open automatic switch adjacent to the power switch swiftly to other components devoid of the need to have for line workers to go to the website to execute a visual inspection extended.

The costs resulting from control program failures are really high. Even lives might be lost. For a handful of SCADA systems , hardware is ruggedized, to withstand temperature, voltage and vibration extremes, and reliability is elevated, in several essential installations, by which includes communications channels and redundant hardware. A component which is failing can be identified and the functionality taken more than automatically by way of backup hardware. It can be replaced without having any interruption of the approach.

Munich Airport experiences on average 200 baggage handling failures per day and EXTEND7000 has lower downtime in each case by 3 minutes every, which, multiplied more than the month equates to elevated overall capacity levels of 12,000 pieces a day or 360,000 pieces per month. General using EXTEND7000 as a mobile SCADA system has delivered significant added benefits for Munich airport.

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