Robotics DefinitionMaja J. Matarić is Professor of Pc Science and Neuroscience and Director of the Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems at the University of Southern California, where she is also Codirector of the Robotics Investigation Lab and Senior Associate Dean for analysis in the Viterbi College of Engineering.

I believe this is the ultimate father and son hobby – simple adequate for little ones but with enough sophisticated stuff for dad to have fun receiving stuck in as well. You can even add added electronics to make it even much more advanced, like Robot Bob in the video under, which incorporates a raspberry pi microcontroller board for voice and image recognition, to generate a pretty advanced domestic robot!

This is a quite cool list, some of which I have not heard of prior to. I’ve constantly wondered what I’d print out with a three-D printer. It would be neat to see in person. I have gotten the 23andme testing (even though I am not a man but I am a little geeky). It was fairly neat and the technologies is nonetheless evolving. I wrote about it in a hub that facts the pros and cons of obtaining at-household genetic testing. Good hub. Voted up and sharing, pinning.

Fragmentation in industries is also an critical phenomena to understand and demands an entirely different kind of approach. When smaller and substantial companies compete collectively often there are massive cost disadvantages to a single or the other regardless of volumes of sales. This happens from either big purchasing possibilities and economies of scale or higher overhead fees of layers of managers.

There are no masters….just humans….some can explain nature’s phenomena rationally…while other people cannot. Just like some mechanics can fix that extremely elusive challenge your car or truck has….even though other mechanics just have not a clue. This is how our species is. Merely decorating yourself with prestige and Nobel authority is irrelevant to no matter whether you can fix the auto or clarify how light and gravity work.