Robotics DefinitionThe term robot was coined by the Czech playwright Karel Capek (CHAH pek) from the Czech word for “forced labor” or “serf.” Capek was reportedly several times a candidate for the Nobel prize for his performs and incredibly influential and prolific as a writer and playwright. Fortunately, he died ahead of the Gestapo got to him for his anti-Nazi sympathies in 1938. Capek employed the word Robot in his play “R.U.R.” (“Rossum’s Universal Robots”) which opened in Prague in January, 1921, a play in which automata are mass-created by an Englishman named Rossum. The automata, robots, are meant to do the world’s function and to make a far better life for human beings but in the end they rebel, wipe out humanity, and start off a new race of intelligent life for themselves.

A living entity moves on its personal against gravity. Ahead of a living entity can breathe, eat or reproduce, it must move against gravity to do so. Before a living entity can be analyzed to prove it’s created of cells, DNA, organic matter (CHNO) or whatever, it should move against gravity, otherwise no one would study it as a living entity. Even for a cell, prior to it can nourish itself or reproduce, it have to move against gravity. It is impossible for any organic entity to be alive unless it is resisting gravity.

SIM SLIDER: The simulation Slider goes from .000 to 1.000. Dragging it moves the robot through all the motion specified by the Command input. It’s typically handy to drag the correct edge of this slider to make it substantially wider than the default size. This offers you higher control when you scrub to watch the simulation. You might also want to boost the precision from a single decimal point to a number of (say three or four). With no that precision you may not be in a position to scrub to all the points you want to visualize the motion going by means of.

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Blackberry Bold is a single of the most media-friendly release but with the inclusion of Wifi which enables you to access the Net from practically millions of locations worldwide (the GPS and mapping functions can assist you locate a web site). And even outdoors of hot-spot regions, the Blackberry Bold utilizes HSDPA technology to access nearly 3G download speeds.