Medical RobotsIn the course of the past decade, the expanding use of health-related robotic devices to carry out minimally invasive surgery-procedures done via little incisions—has made it much easier for surgeons to do several things they could not do ahead of. But the new technologies can’t do everything—yet.

I’ve spent the morning tailing an autonomous robot that performs its duties devoid of a hitch just about 100 percent of the time. And here I am, totally incapable of not generating an ass out of myself in the line of duty. Proper now I’m envying Tug not only on account of its perfection, but because it’s not programmed to feel embarrassment. All it does is roll about as doors magically portion for it and physicians and nurses scurry about so as to not hinder Its Holiness the Tug.

Yeah, this will take place. Look at the growth of personal computer technologies over the previous 50 years, side by side with the development of healthcare technologies more than the past 30 or 40 years. We’re already seeing integrated helper technologies. Inside 100 years appears like a pessimistic guess. The only issue that can slow it down is if Congress decides it desires to be legislated.

For the duration of my initially ten years in my career I worked in the overall health care market as a cytotechnologist and crossed more than into the biotech/pharmaceutical field and have been here for the past ten years. As an HPLC/ LC-MS scientist. NOT the world’s most glamorous profession but twenty years in clinical/biotech laboratory medicine has served me properly. Could not be happier with my option.

Prior to Orthopilot (and pc assist devices similar to it), it was not always particular that an implant would be placed in the optimal position. With the navigation technique the implant can be placed inside three degrees of perfect position at nearly every surgery. The navigation also makes it possible for minimally invasive surgery to be performed quickly because of the display, thereby increasing recovery time and decreasing post operative discomfort. Also, when a surgeon becomes familiar with the navigation technique, surgery time will decrease, which is an essential clinical and economic aspect.