Robotics DefinitionJibo was the outcome of a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo that had accumulated more than 3.7 million dollars from backers and contributors. In layman’s terms, it became one particular of the most productive crowdfunding projects to date.

Rehabilitation robots: Rehabilitation robots are robots that assist permanently or temporarily disabled people with the matters that they cannot deal with themselves. The user controls the robot using their sight as feedback and inputting commands by way of several input devices. Workstation robots are fixed in position and operate within a semi- ordered environment to perform simple tasks (such as raising food to a mouth or turning a page in a book). Mobile robots, on the other hand, are configured to be utilised in an unstructured environment. They commonly consist of a powered arm, either on a mobile platform or, most frequently, on the side of a motorised wheelchair.

TOOL: We typically use custom tools with the Agilus Workcell. For that reason a Mesh component gets wired into the KUKAprc Custom Tool element (labelled TOOL above). This gets wired into the TOOL slot of the Core. The Mesh component points to a mesh representation of the tool drawn in the Rhino file. See the section under on Tool orientation and configuration.

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Often, some assumptions can be created relating to the patient’s position and proximity, but there are other unpredictable factors such as bystanders and moving physical obstacles. In such cases, the capability of the patient to switch off the robot at any offered time is of prime significance, which needs prominently placed emergency buttons to be within attain of the patient at all instances.