Future RobotsNumerous consider tanks have spoken of the mass production of robots involving 2015 and 2020. Bill Gates has not only talked about that the common public is unaware of approaching job obsolescence but has advised those with funds to invest in soft robots and artificial intelligence as they are the subsequent wealth making chance.

Evil robots were not only created on Earth, they also came from outer space to invade our tiny green planet, such as in The Robot Monster (1953). This notoriously terrible movie is justifiably a contender for the title of Worst Film of All Time. The villain, Ro-Man of the Ro-Men, came to conquer the ‘hu-mans’, utilizing a machine that blew bubbles. Ro-Man was a ludicrous creation. His body was a low cost gorilla suit and his head was a diving helmet with rabbit-ear antennas. The film’s budget was microscopic and the plot was so undesirable, it was hilarious. It doesn’t get a lot worse than this.

Facebook has just launched Facebook for Company and some big corporations are climbing on the bandwagon. Essentially this puts a Facebook style social network inside your business so absolutely everyone can hook up, like each other, comply with each other, post updates and any individual in the company can see them. Due to the fact Facebook is instinctive to use, the take-up is going to be massive. Imagine an Inside Sales Consultant who can hook up with engineers and men and women in marketing and advertising, and can collaborate far more effectively to satisfy his customers’ requirements. Sales Managers can inform and motivate and may possibly in fact be followed by their individuals, if they do a half decent job.

Supporting quicker fulfillment: Robots can be deployed at retailers for faster fulfillment of on the net orders, specially during peak hours and the holiday season. Shop personnel spend a lot of time making trips to the store inventory, identifying products that are ready for pickup, loading them into the cart, and delivering them at the pickup counter. A robotic assistant can take on these routine tasks to ensure faster fulfillment.

At the same time US Military has been quietly spending millions in establishing remote medical intervention units to help battlefield surgeries and the possibility of utilizing robotic arms ( they were already trying this in bomb disposal and exploring harmful terrains). NASA has currently demonstrated that remote sensors can be applied to collect soil samples and make readings in distant space.