3 Laws Of RoboticsWillard Pollard and Harold Roselund invented a mechanical arm with joints for an automated spray-painting machine, in 1938.

On 25 January 1979, vehicle worker Robert Williams gained the unfortunate distinction of becoming the initially human to be killed by a robot at a Ford plant in Michigan. Two years later, a robot in a Kawasaki plant pushed worker Kenji Urada into a grinding machine with its hydraulic arm. Such accidents are uncommon, but a June 2008 report in the Economist noted that over the years men and women have been crushed, hit on the head, welded and even had molten aluminium poured more than them by robots.” Early robots, such as Unimate, were not equipped to halt their own movements in unsafe circumstances and have been unable to sense a human presence inside their functioning range.

I would argue that this is, on the face of it, nonsense. Our most severe challenges are not technical, nor do they arise from inadequate data. If households break up,young children are mistreated, crime terrorizes a city, education is impotent, it does not occur simply because of inadequate information. Mathematical equations, instantaneous communications, and vast quantities of information have nothing at all whatever to do with any of these issues. And the computer system is useless in addressing them.

As for the spiritual side of all of this, I was just born that way by way of a divine memory, I suppose ha! I have no decision… I couldn’t be an atheist if I tried. I hope some of that makes sense. Oh, I’m glad you liked the poem. I am positive I can locate loads of others to share, but that (the substance abuse poem) was the most fitting for this comment field.

It becomes apparent that Speedy’s path is blocked by volcanic activity that endangers his existence, violating the Third Law. On the other hand, if he doesn’t collect the selenium, he will break the Second Law. Recent upgrades have enhanced the ‘weighting’ of the Third Law since Speedy’s a new and particularly expensive piece of kit. The Second and Third laws balance out, leaving Speedy unsure how to proceed.