PLC ProgrammingPLC adalah device kontrol yang juga membutuhkan sistem kontrol pendukung sebagaimana device-device kontrol lainnya, dan untuk mengaktifkan kerja dari device ini maka dibutuhkan sumber tegangan dari luar yang disusun dalam sebuah sistem kontrol yang bertujuan untuk mengatur dan melindungi sistem.

Testing input status. Initial, a PLC checks every single of the inputs with intention to see which one of them has status ON or OFF. In other words, it checks regardless of whether a sensor, or a switch and so forth. connected with an input is activated or not. Data that processor as a result obtains via this step is stored in memory in order to be applied in the following step.

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Some unique processes need to function permanently with minimum unwanted down time. For that reason, it is required to design and style a system which is fault-tolerant and capable of handling the course of action with faulty modules. In such situations to improve the system availability in the occasion of hardware element failure, redundant CPU or I/ modules with the same functionality can be added to hardware configuration for preventing total or partial approach shutdown due to hardware failure.