Military RobotsThe history of military robotics can be traced all the way back to the 1930s, when the Soviet Union developed tanks that had been controlled by wireless remote. These have been some of the first military robots” in existence. More than the years, military robots have moved away from tanks and toward humanoid robots, drones and even robots that sniff out bombs and extract soldiers from harmful circumstances.

The XM1219 Armed Robotic Car is a mobility platform primarily based on the MULE Platform. The ARV-A-L MULE Car (XM1219) will feature an integrated weapons and reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) package to assistance the dismounted infantry’s efforts to locate and destroy enemy platforms and positions. The ARV-A-L will support each anti-tank and anti-personnel weapons platforms that will be remotely operated by network linked soldiers.

Hxprof, I agree completely. The police have a challenging job but the trend bodes ill. The NDA bill relating to, fundamentally, arrest and detention on the suspicion (or accusation?) that an individual is involved with terrorism is chilling, regardless of reassurances that the administration won’t do that. If that is the case, why have the law? And what about the next administration? Thanks for the comment.

The record of achievement of DARPA in the advancement of science and technology in the course of the last fifty years is surely remarkable, but what ever occurred to that dreaded Cold War Sputnik Russian satellite that was the catalyst to generate the DARPA system in the very first location? Effectively, it would fall back to earth in failure in just three quick months.

That will be an increasingly significant query as artificial intelligence gets more and a lot more clever, and as a result a lot more probably to be both abused and abusive. It’s been a big week for robots — which will soon be staffing hotels and can discover to cook from YouTube — but a single that comes at a time of improved concern about the possibilities of AI.