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That all might support us to continue ‘evolving’ and whilst we reach variety 1 civilization by 2100 (at that time new born humans will have lifespan of (140~ 150), there will be not significantly want to support earth, no need to have for extreme birth, the population will possibly not continue to grow and the powerfull spacecrafts will be constructed which will permit us to explore Mars fully and build habitation there. Even so that does not have to be Mars, as there are 99% of undiscovered exo-planets which may help situations for life.

The 1st step in the HCSDLC is project selection and arranging. The project selected by the author for this discussion was a web-primarily based application for a furnishings retailer. Expansion is a big strategy for the store and adding net capability is a needed element of that program. The goal for this project was to demonstrate an successful use of Human Personal computer Interaction (HCI) and the departure from the regular SDLC model is demonstrated in the fourth step of the project plan illustrated below in Figure 1: Project Preparing Flow Chart.

Microsemi has a broad business-leading solution portfolio like semiconductors, systems, solutions and software. The world’s leader in Timing more than Packet (IEEE 1588 and ITU Synchronous Ethernet) options, Microsemi is also the pioneer of Energy over Ethernet (PoE) and has the industry’s only IEEE 802.1AE MACSec PHYs supporting FIPS-197 256-bit AES encryption with no Packet Delay Variation (PDV) effect to IEEE 1588 timing. Microsemi in addition delivers the lowest power FPGAs in the business, developed the world’s first monolithic 2.4Ghz/5Ghz WiFi FEM, and has the lowest power MICS & 900MHz Sensor Radios in the business.

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