Liquid RoboticsThe Wave Glider is composed of two parts: the float is roughly the size and shape of a surfboard and stays at the surface the sub has wings and hangs six meters below on an umbilical tether. Because of the separation, the float experiences additional wave motion than does the sub. This difference permits wave power to be harvested to produce forward thrust.

Brief and sweet. I have a 2003 Element that has a squealing noise that begins at 40 mph, but typically has a beep beep sound to go with it then goes into a continuous steady sound coming from the proper passenger side below the hood. Honda can’t figure it out. It is not always there, but when it is it does not raise in sound just stays at the same pitch. We have replaced the alternator, shocks and struts, starter, ignition switch, and manifold exhaust. Windshield has also been checked for leaks in seal.

Schlumberger has some strict policies and procedures for standards and high quality, so, let’s place it this way, there had been certain criteria set and Schlumberger was the organization that ticked all of the boxes. A lot of criteria from our point of view have been set, such as understanding the oil and gas business, global footprint, compliance on policy and the proper DNA to start off up this enterprise.

That device was an early prototype of the Wave Glider, a programmable surfboard that was later perfected in a bathtub by Liquid Robotics co-founder and CTO Roger Hine. Today’s version is outfitted with customizable sensors and floats along the water’s surface collecting information, guided by a patented rudder/thruster hybrid that harnesses wave power for propulsion. Right after Hine effectively tested a finished version of his invention off the Kona coast of Hawaii, a nearby Naval base caught wind of his project and thought it could be useful for missions.

The noise you are hearing is most likely a heat shield on the exhaust system, it is the most prevalent rattle noise below the automobile. I advocate checking the top and bottom heat shields on the total exhaust system, the leading ones hide fairly nicely and sometimes go unnoticed. Let me know what you uncover Charlie, and if almost everything looks excellent, come back right here and we’ll dig a little deeper, thanks.